Welcome to Sparkling Moon.  It’s my pleasure to share with you my love and passion.

Love & Light

Karen xx

Whether you’re looking for a healing session, a workshop to participate in or help with your sparklies (that’s what I call my crystals!) I will do my best to help.

As well as running a healing business I also teach about, and sell, crystals.

I am now an accredited provider of Wild Harvest activites.  The activities I provide in my home county of Devon are listed on this website, however the Wild Harvest website shows the full range of activities you can take part in at their beautiful location near York, or in other parts of the country.



Pronounced “Ray-Key”, this is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and balancing whilst greatly enhancing personal growth.  It is an effective method of maintaining a balanced wellbeing.

Reiki is universal and is not connected to any religion or belief system, but embraces and enhances all such beliefs, bringing greater understanding and a clearer direction.   It is a hands-on form of healing and a very effective form of stress relief.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is based on human energy fields (subtle bodies) and energy centres (chakras), and the fact that Crystals emit different vibrations, which affect this energy flow.

Crystals vibrate at a constant rate at their own natural frequency; it is this quality that makes them ideal tools for balancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit.

Workshops and Courses

Workshops & Courses

It’s great to have healing sessions for your own personal growth and wellbeing.  If you feel that you would like further tools to be able to enhance your growth, or pass on to others, then you’ll probably look to undertake some training.

There are lots of courses, workshops and events that you can choose from.  Whether it’s Reiki, Crystal workshops or visiting one of the upcoming events there’s something for everyone and more being added all the time.


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