About Me


If you’d told me 10 years ago I would be working with healing energies and crystals I would not have believed you.

If you’d said that I’d be working for myself again, and moving to another part of the country on my own I would have laughed!  But the universe has a way of guiding you in the direction that is for your greatest and highest good, even if you don’t understand why at the time.  When I say Universe I mean Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and the Universal Laws that we all live by (mostly not knowing that we have them, or even what or who they are).

I am an empath, meaning I “feel” energies.  I don’t “see” things or “hear” things but can pick up on energies around me from other people or the environment.

Reiki was recommended to me by a friend many years ago and I went to a wonderful healer.  This got me interested in how I could utilise it more in my everyday life so I embarked on my first course in 2008.  I can honestly say it changed my life.  Everyone’s journey and experience is different but I just knew I wanted to pass this on to others and am proud to be a Reiki Master.

I’ve always loved crystals.  Back when I was a child I had no idea what they were but they were oh so sparkly and shiny and pretty colours too! So I collected them.

Having become more and more intrigued by them I decided I needed to know more and started on my path of learning and discovery.  I qualified as a crystal healer and haven’t looked back.  Reiki and Crystal Healing are true passions of mine.  I don’t see what I do as a job, it’s who I am. How lucky and grateful am I!!  I love to teach and now facilitate workshops and courses related to Reiki and Crystals.  It’s such an honour to be able to be part of someone else’s growth.

Having worked in the motor trade for over 25 years this was quite a change.  My life is dedicated to my holistic work and my own personal holistic journey.  I consider myself the eternal student and am always looking for ways to enhance my practice and share it with my clients and students.

So here I am!

Little old me, so grateful to live in the beautiful Devon countryside, doing what I love.

How does it get any better than this………

Love and Light



 Karen Cheyne IPHM, CACR, CCH, Reiki Master / Teacher